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Spray Foam Contractors & BPI Training

Shaping Energies' Staff & Company

Shaping Energies insulated this house with spray foam in the basement and cellulose in the attic

Shaping Energies LLC has a dedicated staff and we are excited to serve you!  When you work with Shaping Energies we want you to know who we are!

Thomas Reuter

Tom is a Building Specialist, Mechanical Engineer, BPI Training Provider, BPI Exam Proctor, and co-owner of Shaping Energies. In addition to the hundreds of comprehensive home performance assessments that he has performed throughout New England and the Midwest, Tom has been analyzing efficiency as it relates to many different machines and systems for more than a decade. Prior to forming Shaping Energies, Tom was the Vice President at Vermont Energy Works, Inc. where he played a fundamental role to the development of many aspects of the company including the energy auditing and the reporting processes. Tom is a certified BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope Professional, BPI Heating Professional, and he is a Training Provider and Exam Proctor for all three of the aforementioned certifications.

Adam Lojkutz

As a company co-owner, Adam is focused on improving the quality of new and existing buildings in Vermont, New York, and Las Vegas, Nevada, through scientific building diagnostics, and in making New England and the Southwest a better place for people in all living situations and in all income brackets. Adam is also the Project Coordinator and a Spray Foam Expert. Adam takes business seriously and makes sure every client receives a superior level of personal attention and that every project has a timely execution. Adam is a certified BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope Professional, and a BPI Heating Professional.

Erin Pingelski

Erin was brought onto our team to guarantee quality installation work with custom building projects; she is in charge of developing solutions when there are obstacles with an installation. Erin is a finish carpenter with more than six years of experience. Erin is so creative and so amazing that we are certain she can solve any problem.  Erin is a certified BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.

Sonia Emeric

Sonia was introduced to the home performance industry when she took on the project of making her own home more efficient; she impressed her home performance auditor with the quality of her DIY install so much that he insisted on sending her to a class to become certified in the industry. Sonia has since developed a passion for the home performance industry and began working with Shaping Energies as an Energy Auditing Technician and an Installation Technician. Sonia is a certified BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional.

Our Company

Shaping Energies LLC was founded in 2011 as a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor.  Since our inception Shaping Energies has completed more than 300 Home Performance and Building Performance Energy Audits, and we have completed more than 100 Home Energy Retrofit projects.  That's right, we have insulated, air sealed, and weatherized more than 100 homes in Vermont!!!

Our projects have included work on turn-of-the-century homes, as well as newly built homes. We have seen a wide variety of construction methods and materials, and a number of challenging issues.

Our desire to offer the best approaches and techniques for our customers drives us to continue to learn about building science and home performance. Quality goes beyond conscientiousness and attention to detail. The desire to do high quality work has to be based upon a foundation of competence and an understanding of industry best practices. At Shaping Energies, we attend industry conferences like Better Buildings by Design and ACI conferences by Affordable Comfort Inc. every year and we stay completely up to date on industry changes and new developments.

As a participating contractor in the Vermont, New York, and Nevada's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs, Shaping Energies employs personnel who have been trained, certified, and mentored. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your building needs, whether it’s to make your home more energy efficient, more comfortable, or for a number of other benefits!

How We’re Different

Shaping Energies LLC is a participating contractor in the Vermont and New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Our participation in the program provides you with the peace of mind that we provide the highest level of service:

  • All of our assessors have been trained in building science and have been certified. Our assessors are qualified to look at the totality of your home, with an understanding of how insulation levels, air leakage, windows, and mechanical systems all interact to affect your indoor environment, energy usage, and home’s structure.
  • We use measurable and verifiable diagnostic tests to determine how your home is performing. After improvements are made, we re-test your home to see how much we’ve improved its performance, and to verify that equipment is operating safely and efficiently.
  • We use best practices and energy modeling software to identify the most cost-effective measures that can lower energy use.
  • All of our completed work complies with programmatic standards for quality. Our test results are subject to program review, and a percentage of our completed jobs will be independently field verified by the local sponsor’s representatives.

Our Training

Our Energy Auditors

All of our Energy Auditors are certified by the Building Performance Institute, a nationally recognized training, certification, and accreditation body. Our Energy Auditors are experts in building science - understanding how energy, moisture, and air moves throughout your home, all of which can affect comfort, energy efficiency, and your home’s durability.

Our Energy Auditors have been trained in the proper use of the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. They have passed a written exam and a field exam, as well as having successfully completed a mentoring period.

Our Energy Auditors have been trained to use energy modeling software, creating custom solutions tailored to your home’s characteristics and your particular needs.

Our Crews

All of our crews have been trained on the fundamentals of building science, and how to properly retrofit existing homes to maximize energy savings. Their understanding of home performance ensures our installations are of the highest quality and will satisfy your needs.

Depending upon the specific recommendations and areas of the home that are being addressed, our crews may have additional training and certifications.

Shaping Energies LLC is a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a national program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, using a comprehensive approach to to improving energy efficiency and comfort at home, while helping to protect the environment.

Rather than focusing on a single component, HPwES assesses how upgrades to the home interact. Understanding the home as a system assists in identifying the most cost-effective and important improvements for you home.

ENERGY STAR is one of the most trusted names in promoting energy efficiency while maintaining a high quality of value. The ENERGY STAR program has developed HPwES to give homeowners the confidence that participating contractors follow industry best practices that will address homeowners’ concerns. Shaping Energies has gone through the motions to be validated as a participating contractor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

Customer Testimonial 

"The people at Shaping Energies were professional, competent and did a wonderful job. I heartily recommend their talents for any energy work that a client may need."

- Bryan G.


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