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Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits in Vermont




Home Energy Audits in VT

Our Home Performance with Energy Star energy audits include all of the inspection and diagnostic testing methods that are listed below.  After your energy audit is complete we enter the data we collected into a database that interperets how much energy savings you will see by imprlementing various improvments that we may recommend.  We generate annual savings estimates for work scope items and use this information to assist us in generating a prioritized work scope for your home.  We also consider issues like building durability, air quality, safety, and comfort while we prioritize a work scope to meet your needs.  Additionally, we calculate a financial incentive estimate for Vermont homes to inform you of how much money you will be able to get back from Efficiency Vermont to fund your project.  Currently homeowners in Vermont can qualify for up to $2,000.00 in incentives to perform energy efficiency upgrade work.  In your home energy audit report we itemize exactly what you will qualify for if you make the improvements that we recommend.  Sometimes these incentive dollars can pay for a substantial portion of your project cost, and we provide you with pricing so you have the option to have Shaping Energies install the upgrades that we recommend.  Your report is then emailed or mailed to you within 72 hours of having your home energy audit completed (usually with 24 hours).


Energy Audit Diagnostics

Blower Door Test

To measure the leakiness of your home, we use a blower door to depressurize the home. The harder the fan works, the more air leakage your home has. We also inspect each room to pinpoint the sources of air leakage.

Visual Inspection

For a complete picture of your home’s performance, we inspect every accessible part of your house. In addition to the living space, we examine basements, crawlspaces, attics, and the foundation.

Infrared Camera

To better visualize gaps in your home’s thermal envelope, we use advanced infrared cameras which can show temperature differences. By locating these weaknesses, we can provide more effective solutions for improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Combustion Safety

Old and malfunctioning water heaters and furnaces can release harmful or deadly pollutants directly into the air you breathe. To ensure the health and safety of your home, all combustion appliances (including stoves and ovens) are tested for proper venting, carbon monoxide and operating efficiency.

Gas Leak Detection

Even a small gas leak that is undetectable by the human nose can put your health at risk. That is why we use a sophisticated gas leak detector to check every accessible inch of your gas lines, from the meter to the appliances.

Moisture Testing

If you have moisture problems in your basement it might be a good idea to test structural members for moisture content. If the moisture content of your framing members gets too high it can lead to problems like rot and mold. If these problems can be identified in earlier stages there may be more solutions available at lower costs; this is one of the reasons why we carry a moisture meter to verify how saturated your framing members are with moisture. In some cases, when the moisture content of framing members in an area of the house is too high, we strictly discourage a home owner from installing insulation because the excess moisture can become trapped behind the insulation and lead to mold.

Zonal Pressure Testing

Drafty rooms are more connected with outdoors than non-drafty rooms. With digital monometers we can test specifically how connected with inside or outside each room is, and we can compare the rooms in your home. When we write the report for the energy audit we've done at your home we will provide you with a bar graph that quantifies your rooms connectivity with outside; this can help lead you to other areas of concern and direct you to more specific areas that deserve attention.

Whole Home Testing

In general, when we do an energy audit we are really doing "whole home testing;" it's not about just saving energy because all of the systems and appliances in your home are connected on one way or another, and when you modify one of them you effect how another one behaves. That's why we bring a variety of tools and an array of equipment (that may seem overwhelming at first glance) to run any test we may need to run in order to know something about the home that we may need to know. Not every home is the same; in fact, most homes are incredibly different, and that's why you'll have so much to learn when we perform an energy audit on your home!