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Electric Bill Analysis

Electrical Energy Audits for Homes

Electricity Bill Analysis


Sometimes we get calls from clients whose electric bills are very and sometimes it is obvious what the reasons are; other times the situation is much more complicated.

We do offer services that include analyzing your electricity usage and finding what needs improvement.  You can choose to purchase our comprehensive service or you can go with components of our comprehensive service.  Here is how the comprehensive service works:

  1. First we come to your home and install a power meter in your service panel.
    • This device will monitor your total electric usage and log data online.
      • You can also choose to purchase (or rent) a unit with a sleek display that sits on your countertop.
      • This power meter is called The Energy Detective.
      • It monitors your electricity consumption in real time and you can watch your usage spike when you turn appliances on and off.
  2. Next we let a week pass and analyze the data that has been logged.
  3. Then we schedule a second appointment and come back to your home for further analysis.  At the second meeting we:
    • Analyze individual breakers in the panel.
    • Analyze individual appliances.
    • Analyze your electrical base-loads and base-loading in your home.
  4. Finally, we report the nature of your electricity usage situation to you, and we provide you with recommendations on what can be done for you to save on your electric bills and cut costs.

You can also purchase a section of our comprehensive service or you can simply buy a power meter that you intend to install yourself.  The cost breakdown for these services is the following:

Finding Solutions to your High Electric Bills

If you are completely unsure what is causing your high electric usage you can call us for assistance or you can try to figure out the problem on your own.  There are tools that the average homeowner can use to try to answer these questions, and there are some basic rules of thumb that you can consider before investing in our professional service.

you can start with a Kill-A-Watt meter and plug all of your appliances into this meter to see which appliances are using up so much energy.  Alternatively, if you are looking for the most professional solution to find the problem, you can opt to purchase our professional service.

If you would like to avoid using our professional service you can start by considering certain general rules that always apply:

  • Do not use your outdoor hot tub in the winter
  • Electric water heaters raise your electric bill substantially
  • Old refrigerators are careless with electricity (get rid of your avocado colored fridge already!)
  • Swich your incandescent bulbs to CFLs or LEDs; they are pretty cheap these days

Energy used for lighting and appliances can account for half of your home's total utility bill. As a result, we recommend ENERGY STAR qualified products, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, electronic equipment, light fixtures, and compact fluorescent bulbs.

You can also contact us to switch out all of your incandescent bulbs for CFL or LED equivalent light bulbs for great prices and at an overall low cost.